About Picklesimer Roberts Architecture

PICKLESIMER ROBERTS ARCHITECTURE was founded in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 2005 and is devoted to providing outstanding service and exceptional Architectural and Interior design. Our customers value our responsive personalized service and our attention to detail. This attention to detail is deeply rooted in the fact that BOTH principles are personally and intimately involved in every stage of the process, from beginning to completion.

The principals of the firm started their careers together over 29 years ago at one of Tennessee's largest and oldest A/E firms in Nashville. Together, they worked on numerous large scale and complicated projects. Our experience covers the Southeast United States in twelve states. With over 58 years of combined experience, the principals have won a number of awards such as the AIA Merit Award, Tennessee Main Street's Governor's Award, TSBA School of the Year Award(s), Metro Nashville Historic Commission Award and the ABC Outpatient Facility Award. While these awards are welcome recognition of outstanding design, the best testament to the value of our service is the continuous referrals and repeat business of our clients. Nearly one hundred percent of our work has come from referral from previous clients, contractors and associates.

" Large firm experience, small firm attention
to detail and service."

The firm was founded on the principal that every endeavor, whether a project commission, a personal or business relationship, or daily living depends on partnerships that we must nurture and promote for the good of ALL involved. In our practice, this principal in reflected in our detailed and focused approach to addressing the needs and goals of our clients, contractors, consultants and employees as well as the detailed and focused management of our commissions.

Our mission is two-fold:

To make our firm an asset to our clients – we strive to leverage the agile and nimble nature of our practice to accommodate our clients needs by limiting our project load and offering flexible packaging and pricing of our services and skills, and …

To attain and exceed our clients' goals – we strive to achieve a collaborative relationship with the project team, maintain excellence in design, apply creative problem solving skills, and recognize and creatively manage opportunities.

We understand that we are team members responsible for bringing your dreams and space needs into a graphic form. We also understand that you rely on us to provide you with creative and well conceived ideas. It is our promise to you that it is our intent to do our best to provide a level of design and service that exceeds your needs and expectations.